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Our Success Stories

Pak Din

67 years old

I used to be a national tennis player in Malaysia, and then became ​a professional coach for many years. ​
Now I am engaged in agricultural business. In recent years, I have been troubled by back pain. I have tried many different products, but none of them helped much.​

Pn Saniah

64 years old

Pn. Saniah, who is in her 60s, is a full-time housewife. She has diabetes and knee pain problems. This has greatly disturbed her daily activities especially standing long and going up and down stairs. She has tried massages and supplements recommended by pharmacies but the relief is always only temporary. Until after she starts taking NeeFlex, she could really feel it is working within a month and now she is able to stand for a long period of time and walk comfortably.

Your Journey to Better & Younger Joints



Reduces Joint Degradation Caused by Oxidative Stress

Supplements nutrients

Strengthens physique

Enhances antioxidant function



Effectively Inhibits Inflammation of Joints

Relieves Pain

Suppresses joint inflammation 

Increases absorption rate



Supplements Key Ingredients to Repair Cartilage

Promotes collagen synthesis

Repairs joint tissues

Promotes Cartilage Hyperplasia

Why NeeFlex

Our Powerful Patented Ingredients

Over hundreds of clinical studies on arthritis and other diseases have been done on our Patented Curcumin

Contains 3 types of active compounds: curcumin, desmethoxycurcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin.
Using Multi-step Extraction Technology, more than 95% active components.
High absorption rate, which can reduce drug dependence and achieve the effect of pain relief.
More than hundreds of articles and clinical research on alleviating the symptoms of joint arthritis.
Types of Curcumin
Patented Curcumin
Normal Curcumin
Edible Turmeric Powder
More than 95% Curcuminoids active components
Less than 95% Curcuminoids active components
3% - 5% Curcuminoids active components
Multi-step Extraction Technology & High purity
Contains impurities
Contains High impurity
Absorption Rate
Super Low
Consumption Dosage
Very High
Clinical Studies
More than hundreds

Patented Piperine

Advanced technology for extraction, up to 95% purity.
Increases the absorption rate of nutrients by 30%.
Increases the absorption rate of curcumin by 20 times.

Patented Hydrolyzed Collagen

“Automatically directed” to cartilage tissues, stimulates the growth of chondrocyte.
Using UNIQUE Technology to change the biological activities of collagen.
Relieve joint pain, improves the flexibility of joint.
Taken by more than 2,500 patients, it has been proven to effectively stimulate the growth of joint connective tissue and alleviate joint discomfort.
Types of Collagen
Patented Collagen
Normal Collagen
Glucosamine + Chondroitin
Active Ingredients
Lubricate & effectively stimulate the growth of joint connective tissues
Lubricate cartilage tissues
Lubricate cartilage tissues
UNIQUE Technology to change the biological activities of collagen. "Automatically directed" to cartilage tissues.
Absorption Rate
Within 60 minutes
Consumption Dosage
5 - 10 grams
Clinical Studies


Rich in antioxidants that reduces joint inflammation.

Assists cartilage formation.

American Clinical Research unit (NIH) has proven that it can improve joint disease.

Contains comprehensive nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, flavonoids, etc.

Cat's Claw Leaf

”Sacred herb in the rainforest” - Improves immunity and healing power.

Contains high anthocyanins and phenolic compounds.

Studies have proven that it reduces inflammation and relieves muscle soreness.

Clinical trials have proven that it is beneficial to degenerative arthritis.

Zinc-Enriched Yeast

Higher absorption rate than general zinc.

Involves in body metabolism, promotes protein synthesis.

Reduces inflammation.

Vitamin C

Essential for collagen synthesis.

Increases bone mineral density.

Improves cartilage repair capacity.

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Common Questions from our Customers

How soon can I see result?

NeeFlex is a natural product and not a drug whose effects are almost immediate.

However, with the proven formula (‘golden ratio’ of the patented and natural ingredients), results can be seen in as soon as 4 weeks depending on the severity of the condition.

Below is the estimation according to the data we have collected from our existing customer base:

Intake1 sachet/day1 – 2 sachets/day2 sachets/day
Duration1 – 2 months2 – 3 months4 to 6 months
Improvement30 to 40%30%20%


Mild: no problem walking for some distance; popping knees; feel the pain when exercising; squatting; climbing/going down the stairs

Mid: same as described in ‘Mild’ with more frequency and higher intensity

Severe: had treatments such as injection OR advised to go through joint replacement surgery

Do I need to take NeeFlex continuously?
NeeFlex can be taken as a general nutrition for optimal joint health or for specific joint-related conditions. It is extremely safe for long-term consumption.
How is NeeFlex different from other joint (cartilage) repair product?
NeeFlex is a comprehensive formula for overall joint health from improving blood circulation (ADAPT) to reducing inflammation/ pain (RELIEVE), to regenerating the cartilage tissue (REVITALISE) instead of a single formula for partial remedy.
Has NeeFlex been proven to work?
Substantial research into the patented ingredients of NeeFlex has been undertaken for decades by reputable research bodies. NeeFlex is supported by ingredient-specific clinical research in some of the world’s most prestigious research institutions.
Who should not take NeeFlex?
NeeFlex is not recommended to patients who are going through dialysis (kidney issues) as these patients experience difficulty absorbing and filtering protein compared to a normal healthy person.
What food or medicine must I avoid when I take NeeFlex?
As NeeFlex is formulated with all food grade ingredients, there is no concern of taking it alongside other medication. However, space NeeFlex intake 2 hours apart from medications to gain optimum result. You may check with your healthcare professional for more information.
Is NeeFlex Halal certified?
The raw materials of NeeFlex are imported from different countries. Every single ingredient has been tested and proven porcine free and alcohol free. It is Muslim friendly. In addition, each raw material of the product has obtained the Halal certification of respective countries.
NeeFlex’s efficacy on different health conditions explained by the chart below
Health Condition Root Cause Reduce Pain (Inflammation) Prevention
Osteoarthritis (cartilage) Y Y Y
Rheumatoid Arthritis (autoimmune) N Y N/A
Sciatica N Y N/A
Spur N Y Y
Slip disc N Y N/A
Trigger finger Y Y Y
Stiff (frozen) shoulder Y Y Y
Sports injury (cartilage) Y Y Y
Gout (urid acid) N Y N/A
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis N Y N/A

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